A&E: Cop Shows Rule Development Slate

A&E's The CleanerLooking to capitalize on the increasing popularity of law-and-order scripted series, A&E said Tuesday it has seven shows in the development pipeline, including three involving the Los Angeles Police Department. The channel plans to select one to be its second original drama, joining "The Cleaner."

Among those up for the spot are "Central Division," about two female LAPD captains running a dangerous downtown division; "The Lead Sheet," about an LAPD department solving violent crimes as it searches for an infamous strangler; and "The Quickening," about a bipolar detective with extraordinary abilities.

Another, where A&E has already committed to shoot a pilot, is "Cooler Kings," about an ex-cop in Honolulu looking for revenge after the death of his girlfriend. Jerry Bruckheimer is an executive producer.



In June, the second season of "The Cleaner" debuts, with 13 one-hour episodes. A&E is also developing a Western miniseries along with Kevin Costner.

As for A&E's bread-and-butter reality series, the network said it will debut an untitled show following Tony Danza as he becomes a high-school teacher in New York. Also on tap is a show following action star Steven Seagal, as he continues his work with a New Orleans-area police department, and a series providing an update on the life of the man once known as MC Hammer.

"Intervention," "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and "Criss Angel Mindfreak" are returning.

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