Bant Breen On Social Media

"Suddenly, you've got all these pages, and they're multiplying exponentially," says interpublic's Bant Breen.

"When the social media space gets more interesting for me is when we get behaviorally targeted data," he adds.

Facebook is burning a billion dollars a year in bandwidth costs.

What's the upside? Breen thinks the potential is with "micropaymen systems, but the big social networks have been slow to "embrace it."

"There are many potential revenue streams to this stool," says Breen, adding that where interpublic has found the greatest success, is by bringing four things together: Broadcast tv, search media, social media, and rich media display."

The secret formula of how ypu weave those things together depends on the company, and what they are trying to achieve."

Wieser and Breen seem to think that a lot of this really comes down to traditional PR and word-of-mouth marketing.

Wieser asks Breen if this could ultimately lead to the redeployment of marketing budgets.

Breen says he doesn't think we're at "that point yet."

Breen retells how he was at a dinner party recently where the other people in the room were, "much more important than I am. And none of them were using social media."

And the reason, Breen surmized, "I think it was a fundamental philosophical thing."

"The right way to respond to an email today," Wieser adds, is like a Twitter post, or maybe with a haiku. And then he offered one:

Email flows qucikly So much noise Must tweet

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