Gomez Unveils Mobile Testing Service

  • May 26, 2009
Gomez Inc. has launched a new service for testing whether mobile content renders correctly across popular mobile Web browsers and devices. The new service from the Lexington, Mass.-based company Web application testing firm, lets users automatically preview how mobile sites will appear on the iPhone and Google Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones.

The aim is to help clients save time and money by allowing them to visually test complete mobile sites much faster than typical manual methods. By entering a URL and selecting which smartphones to test, the service crawls the entire mobile site and returns screen captures showing how each Web page appears on each smartphone selected.

Besides testing mobile sites, Gomez's cross-browser and device testing service also checks how traditional Web applications appear and function in more than 500 combinations of browsers, operating systems and screen sizes.

The new mobile testing service is part of the company's recently announced "One Web" performance testing and monitoring initiative to help developers and IT operations staff find and fix application performance problems across both the wired and mobile Web.--Mark Walsh



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