Ed:Blog - Social Media is like the gateway drug for networkers.

Social Media is like the gateway drug for networkers (or maybe it is the crack). When Tech Crunch editor Eric Schonfeld tried posting his apartment listing in Cobble Hill on Twitter, Gawker posted his tweet. So, if you try to sell something through Twitter apparently you are really selling via Gawker.

Content's reign as king sure didn't last too long. If you've seen Geoffrey Rush in Ionesco's "Exit the King" you know about where content is at.

Besides shortening attention spans, social nets have shortened urls all over the place. As tiny URL services proliferate, the inevitable rise of vanity tiny URLs is upon us. Though turns out not to be owned by The New York Times. Or a squatter.

We're really sort of surprised that there aren't more digital billboards at CitiField. Guess the Mets are serious about this whole nostalgia thing.

Leave it to the New York Post. On Wenda Harris Millard leaving MSLO the paper founded by Alexander Hamilton ran the headline, "One Diva Too Many." What? Was, "Too Many Divas in the Kitchen" too much?

Guess abandoning its online content wasn't the greatest strategy for Portfolio.

Wow, with the News Timeline, Googlelabs has created a news interface that's actually uglier than Newser's.

OK, we get it. Susan Boyle is not supposed to be talented because she is unattractive. Please stop talking about her now.

Per Hitwise, visits to Twitter went up 43% week-over-week the Friday after Oprah's first tweet. 37% of visitors had not been before. And then, as we know, like most of Paris Hilton's overnight guests, they never returned.

Hyundai is actually spending more on advertising than they did last year. Sales are up. A little. Still, kudos to Initiative. But if car sales are down so much, when do bike sales go up?

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