Just An Online Minute... Getting Webby Like Spiderman

The UnInternet Week, New York
June 8-12, 2009

So, how's everyone feeling this morning? It's Monday, you know. That's right, the weekend is over. How did that happen so quickly? This weekend went by so quickly I don't even remember it happening - and now here we are, stuck in Monday again. Internet Week is ALMOST over if you go by "official" standards. I hear tell of an official closing party but that SCHED thing has nothing on it. No big deal as my date, Canon, and I will be covering The 13th annual Webby awards.

Yesterday (Sunday for those of you who have no idea what day today is yet) was disappointing. I made the mistake of assuming that getting credentialed for The Webbys meant access to all Webby-related events. Which is why I ditched my friends in the beautiful summer sun and ran home to get ready to cover the Webbys sunset cocktails at Above Allen. I couldn't wait to get some LES sunset shots.



*Tire squeals* No media allowed unless by "special invite." Thank goodness I'm really anal about list confirmation. I hate arguing that I'm "on the list" because it sounds so pretentious. (Confirm ahead of time and you avoid that discussion!) If I hadn't checked my work email, I would have shown up in my fabulous dress only to be denied. Lame. This brings me to a gripe that I've heard often and felt occasionally this past week: the inclusion of "closed" or "by invitation only" events on an "open" scheduling system like SCHED (I'm talking about more than my experience last night). What's the point of that? Showing people what they're missing? Encouraging people to grovel or name-drop? Either it's open or it's not. And if it's not, then don't put it on a calendar for a week that boasts its "open to everyone" theme.

Blather fest OVER. So, yes, tonight I'll be covering the Webby Awards and the afterparty at Hiro Ballroom for as long as my energy lasts. Last year was ridiculous, lots of hiphop, glitter, dancing, and drinks. Tomorrow I'll be covering the Onfronts, which is a new experience for me that began with last week's Newfronts. It's a lot of fun being a part of such sapling events -- this whole Upfronts for the digital world. I'm getting a peek into the quirky and dynamic culture of digital content creation and creators - talk about strong personalities.

After the Onfronts cocktail party, I'm heading to MoMA for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Show and Next Awards. Without a doubt one of the most surreal moments is being inside one of NYC's most well-known art museums after dark, surrounded by scads of gussied-up adver-types. Obviously, I'm looking forward to this people-watching sociological experience. If you're going, leave a comment and I'll keep an eyeball out for you.

Wednesday I'll be hitting Advertising 2.0 at the IAC. Advertising 2.0 is to blame for the unnecessary amount of "I'd be happy to set up an interview" emails I've gotten in the past week or so. I wish there was some way for press to subsegment themselves by beat type when getting passes. This would make everyone's' lives easier. It would save many a PR person from looking like they don't do the most basic research on column content before offering their client up, and it would save people like me from repeating at least three times a day, "Thank you for your offer, but this is not appropriate for Just An Online Minute." If your client is a mini burger, maybe we'll talk. Seriously, though, when have you ever seen an interview in here?

Thursday night I am closing my eyes and pretending I'm a mushroom, and then I do believe I'll take Friday off -- so you and I can spend some much needed time apart. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder and we can rediscover the passion in our relationship!

And seriously, what is it with nerdy web series' and pants down in public? No wonder Chris Hansen was at Diggnation!

You can see the entire Internet Week NY 2009 photo collection here!

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