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Summer Lovin', Had Me A Blast, New York
June 20 - 25, 2009

What kind of Monday person are you? Do you leap out of bed ready to beat the living crud out of the week starting with THIS DAY RIGHT HERE? Or are you still pinching yourself to get that little surge of ouch that will chase the dust bunnies out of your brain? I think I'm somewhere in between - with a splash of temporary insanity when people nearby and online get all chipper about the challenges and surprises of the week ahead. I mean, let's wait until at least after lunch to publicly celebrate the challenge of replacing the toner cartridge, OK? Ok.

I know this sounds crazy, but by now you know my sanity is up for debate at least 33.3% of the time -- but I'm digging the nasty sloppy humidity. It seems like only a month ago we were all complaining about the wintry summer in NYC. One of my moms says that with all the world's ills, complaining about the weather is so lame, but it's even lamer to wish for warmth and then slap that present-bearing equine square in the jaw. Which is why, as sweat trickled past my kneepits into my flip-flops, I grinned and thought "Serves you right, self." This humidity is going to feel even better as I head to the following events for your enjoyment:



Tuesday July 21: The 2009 Best Companies for Multicultural Women luncheon. Brought to you by Working Mothers Media, this luncheon is part of a larger two-day conference that includes the panel that made me spit my breakfast sandwich everywhere (and according to the agenda, it's "back by popular demand!"): Men's Panel: What about the White Guys?! 

Tuesday July 21: Agency Spy party at Pranna (which sounds like piranha... coincidence?) from 7 to 9 p.m. No I'm not going to say anything about the first 100 drinks being free because I prefer not to suffocate in the belly buttons of open bar aficionados. Maybe there will be a line beginning at noon - just like the line outside GameStop for Guitar Hero Culture Club. 

Wednesday July 22: Buddy Media's Summer Tweetup at Hill Country! I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I've never met a Buddy Media party I didn't like and this one carries a little teaser of a big announcement. It must be a doozy, because they're picking up the first two drinks (so make 'em strong!), we'll be surrounded by meat, meat, and more meat, and Gary Vaynerchuk will be there to finally shine a light for me on the buzz. Yes, it's true, I have yet to meet him, see him in real life action, or even see if he carries with him the scent of fermenting grapes. You hear that, Gary? I think it's time for you to expand into the fragrance industry with "V by Gary" for the man in your life who may not know everything about wine, but wants to smell like he does. I'm working on it. 

Saturday July 25 I will be uttering a phrase I have never uttered before and have never heard uttered before without sounding pretentious: I'm going to the Hamptons. Because, according to Thrillist "After all, only Canadian tourists would be caught dead in the city on a summer weekend." My bank account is giving you the middle finger just a little bit, Thrillist.  Either way, I'll be covering the Thrillist Hamptons launch party at Day & Night restaurant. There is a hideous suggestion to bring/wear a bathing suit which made me honk in my mouth in fear, so I'll be opting for some sort of full body snowsuit for maximum comfort. I think the real challenge of this party is going to be not committing any sort of violent acts when the bus trundles everyone's sauced behinds BACK to NYC. I foresee myself crawling along the ceiling a la Spider-man for a swift exit. 

Next week doesn't believe in putting on the brakes on the East or West Coast as MediaPost hosts OMMA Adnets, OMMA Behavioral, and OMMA Metric and Measurements in Cali (get Twitter hashtag info over here ), and I've got Digital Divas Happy Hour, the Social Media Roundtable, and Digital DUMBO. And somehow, in the midst of all of this, I'll be having revolving houseguests, so I might need some help entertainment planning. So far I'm thinking hotdogs and a foot race to Staten Island. 

Where will I see you?

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*edited at 3:53p.m to correct the date of the AgencySpy party. Is it tomorrow yet?

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