Show 'Sucks' Across Multiple Platforms

Aiming to air out every imaginable grievance and gripe, cross-platform media producer Rooftop Comedy has launched an interactive TV show on digital cable channel MavTV named "That Sucks."

Shot in HD, the show is anchored by a Web and mobile platform known as the "Sucksbox," where visitors are encouraged to answer the question, "What do you think sucks?"

"Everyone thinks something sucks and wants to tell someone," said Rooftop Comedy founder and CEO Will Rogers. "'That Sucks' provides people not only with an outlet to express themselves, but the opportunity to have their opinions broadcast nationally."

Users can submit answers via text message, photos, audio recordings and videos, which will be edited together with highlights of performances from stand-up comedians related to the talk about "things that suck."



The show will also feature updates on global "Suck Trends," based on the real-time information flow to the Sucksbox.

To drive viewership and participation, highlights from the show, along with viewer calls-to-action, will be auto-distributed across all of the major online video portals.

Rooftop Comedy produces and distributes original comedy programming to mobile, Web, broadcast, and print outlets, including Current TV, Apple iTunes, Yahoo, Nokia, Hulu, FastCompany Magazine, YouTube, and TiVo.

MavTV -- carried by Comcast, Verizon, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse, Charter and Cablevision -- is owned by the Mav'rick Entertainment Network, and includes news and information on sports, sports analysis, gaming, comedy, health and fitness, finance, gadgets, and movies.

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