Carmichael Lynch-Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Carmichael Lynch
Jack Link's Beef Jerky
Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web site or Microsite brought Jack's links signature character (from the "Messing With Saquatch" commercials) to consumers desktops - and desks. Using augmented reality technology, site visitors could make a video with their Web cams, controlling and interacted with the 3D Sasquatch. Videos could then be ranked and viewed on the site and shared on social networks and YouTube. Thus far, nobody has reenacted Harry and the Hendersons, but they have had karate fights with Sasquatch, pitted him against a gorilla in a dance off, had him pop out of a cuckoo clock, fed him ice cream, and tickled him.


Carmichael Lynch: James Kim, Director of Digital, Joe Grundhoefer, Director of Integrated Production; Pete Mertz, Director of Digital Production; Brock Davis, Group Creative Director/AD; Tim Blevins, Senior Writer; Sy Harris, User Experience Architect; Genna Freeberg, Associate Digital Producer; Adam Smith, Technical Architect; Jenna Tietje, Account Director; Beth Myers, Account Manager.

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