Organic, Inc.-Bank of America

Organic, Inc.
Bank of America
Finalist Banner: Standard, Flash or Rich Media

 As any teacher will tell you, connecting with high-school students is hard enough. Getting them interested in finances is next to impossible. Still, Bank of America and Organic set out to do just that with their banner ad for "The Morris Code," one part of a series of "edutainment" sites designed to provide tips on the banking basics and the set-up of new accounts. Expanding on the pop-up book styling of the site, the ad used clever word games and MAD magazine-style cover folding to create awareness for their site, and earned 89 million search impressions for their efforts.


Organic: Sacha Reeb, Group Creative Director; Brad Mancuso, Creative Director; Gary Nelson, Creative Director; Jen Furman, Art Director; Tyler Griffis, Copywriter; Paul Baker, Copywriter; Marc Berger, Engagement Manager; Bert Tam, Flash Designer; Heather Wagner, Flash Designer; Dan Turman, Associate Creative Director; Cindy Thompsen, Production Manager; An Ly, Project Manager.

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