EepyBird, LLC - OfficeMax, ABC Family and the Coca-Cola Company, "The Extreme Sticky Notes Experiments"

EepyBird, LLC
OfficeMax, ABC Family and the Coca-Cola Company
Finalist Video: Standalone Video

EepyBird, creators of the viral video sensation "Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments," and DigiSynd/Disney have produced another visually impressive advertising display, this time for Office Max, ABC Family and Coca-Cola. Called "The Extreme Sticky Notes Experiments," the video features EepyBird's infamous scientists transforming over 250,000 sticky notes into multicolored waterfalls, cascading Slinkies, and rolling pinwheels. Premiering simultaneously online and on television, the campaign generated 18 million total views, nearly one quarter of which came from online. ABC Family used the campaign to promote Samurai Girls, with two of the mini-series' stars appearing in the video, while OfficeMax's products were organically used in its creation. The spot also ended with OfficeMax's tagline: "Life is beautiful. Work can be, too."


EepyBird, LLC: Fritz Grobe, Stephen Voltz, Creative, Onscreen Talent; Michael Miclon, Creative Consultant. Digisynd: Oliver Lucket, Executive Producer; Thomas Wadsworth, Producer; Christopher Cantwell, Producer/Director; James Codeglia, Director of Photography. Jamie Chung, Brendan Fehr, Onscreen Talent.

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