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Does the word "recession" make anyone want to play blackjack? With bookings falling, Las Vegas had to boost tourism at a time when any discretionary spending - let alone in Sin City - seemed kind of ... immoral. So the campaign took the high road, and found the hardest-working little town in America: Cranfills Gap, Tex., pop 358, and sent them all to Vegas. "Vegas Bound" videos aired on YouTube generating 600,000 views, raising traffic by 6 percent in a month, and property referrals increased by 36 percent - all while making sure some deserving people got to pole dance, hot tub and gamble their hearts out.


R&R Partners: Fletcher Whitwell, Corporate Media Director; Dave Kersey, Associate Media Director; Brandi Skrtish, Lindsey Patterson, Jenna Cassell, Media Planner; Kim Downing, Group Account Director; Arnie DiGeorge, Group Creative Director; Sean Corbett, Corporate Director of Digital Marketing; Aurrice Duke, Group Public Relations Director. 

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