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Empower MediaMarketing & Undertone Networks
Long John Silver's
Finalist Food & Beverage

In its first online initiative, Long John Silver's set out to build awareness of two new products and went straight to mobile. The online ad, designed to enhance online banners, included the ability for viewers to locate a nearby restaurant by plugging in a ZIP code, and to download a coupon for the new products. Both were sent to the consumer's mobile phone. The expedited process encouraged engagement and interaction with the ads rose. During the campaign, more than a third of interested consumers opted to receive more communication from the brand. And, completion rate was 2.27 percent, nearly 2.5 times higher than average.


Empower MediaMarketing: Jim Price, Vice President, Media Innovation; Mike Adams, Director of Digital Marketing; Molly E. Roth, Digital Media Strategist. Undertone Networks: Jason Askinasi, Account Executive; Russ Bley, Director of Sales. 

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