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Moxie Interactive
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Pretty clueless in the light bulb department? No problem - Home Depot has it covered. The Home Depot Light Bulb Experience by Moxie Interactive takes all the guesswork out of searching for that just-right luminosity for a certain room. With an interactive bulb finder, and a 101 section for basic bulb information (who knew there was a light bulb called the Parabolic Aluminized Reflector?) the site helps to educate consumers, while inspiring them about how to implement certain fixtures in their home. Bulb finder is the most popular section of the site, with users spending up to three minutes on it.


Moxie Interactive:     Heather Friedman, Account Director; Lindy Gross, ACD; Roy Kaufman, Art Director; Derek Lawler, Sr. Copy Writer; Thao Damiano, Senior Designer; Colin Howells, Designer; Troy Francois, Designer; Chet Verigan, Associate Director of Development; Debba White, Project Manager; Sharline Bramucci, Developer; Danny Muller, Information Architect.

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