Firstborn & Droga5 - Puma

Firstborn & Droga5
Finalist Retail

 Through a full-screen video interface, two people demonstrate the lightness of Puma's new athletic shoe by weighing the shoe on a fulcrum against some everyday (and some not-so everyday) objects. The site highlights the shoes features, while never being overly technical, and brings humor and a human touch to a sneaker launch, which makes sense for technical gear that has a fashion following.


Droga5: Duncan Marshall, Executive Creative Director; Scott Witt, Creative Director; Kenny Kim, Brennan Boblett, Art Director; Kevin Brady, Copywriter; David Ross, Agency Producer; Thomas Beug, Agency Producer. FirstBorn: Juan Delcan, Multimedia Director (Nola Pictures); Joon Park, Creative Director; Hannah Lee, Art Director; Jens Fischer, Lead Flash Developer; Dan LaCivita, Executive Director; Melissa Jarosz, Senior Producer; Will Russell, Lead 3-D Designer, Animation; Eric Eng, Studio Producer; Mike Kuzmich, Animation, Video Post Production; Andrew Jerez, 3-D Modeling.

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