Razorfish - Starwood Hotels, "This is How It Should Feel"

Starwood Hotels, "This is How It Should Feel"

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When Razorfish was charged with creating an Web site for Westin that would show potential guests how the hotel experience will feel, they created several fully immersive environments designed to do just that. Users can toss feathers, rustle tall grass, make bubbles, and touch the sky. Accompanying copy on each of the twelve scenes explains how the experience related to a stay at the hotels. Ultimately, results surpassed industry marks with more than 166,000 clicks, 4,000 bookings, and more than $2 million in total revenue.


Razorfish: Peter Knierim, Creative Director; John Antoniello, Associate Creative Director; Mark Anderson, Copywriter; JL Novosad, Art Director; Danny Adrain, Designer; Eric Mayville; Interactive Designer; Dominick Hoffman, Flash Developer/Animator; Chris McKenzie, Flash Developer/Animator; Joe Campbell, Flash Developer/Animator; John Wha, Animator; David Estis, Animator.

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