Comcast: Viewers Still Plugged Into TV

tv watcher

Touting the benefits of all television -- and of Comcast's own TV programming and technology -- the big cable operator notes that the coming season still has a pulse with TV viewers. 

Comcast, the biggest U.S. cable system operator, says that 81% of viewers plan to watch network prime-time TV this fall, with nearly 60% saying the fall TV season is important to them.

In its "TV Pulse Survey," Comcast also said 85% of those surveyed plan to watch the shows live. In regard to DVR usage, 78% of viewers under 35 will use either time-shifting, video on demand or Internet media platforms. For older viewers over 35, this number is 50%.

Comcast says consumers are familiar with technologies, should they miss the initial airing of a TV show. More than 67% say they could watch it elsewhere.

For its part, Comcast says there was a nearly 25% increase in viewing fall TV series through Comcast's On Demand VOD service from 2007 to 2008.

As to the type of shows consumers will watch, the survey says they will turn to drama series "the most" -- at a 68% rate. Comedy comes next at 67%; then movies at 61%; news and educational programming at 47%; sports programming comes in at 43%; and reality TV programming at 41%.




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