Roll 'Em: National CineMedia Signs 3 New Affiliates


The new affiliate agreements, which take effect Jan. 1, expand NCM's network of distribution for pre-film advertising and content to include a total of over 17,000 screens -- 15,500 of which are digital.

Altogether, the new affiliates operate a combined 34 theaters with 310 screens in 11 states. Starplex Cinemas operates 23 theaters in various states, including 10 in Texas, three in California and three in Oklahoma.

Showbiz operates four theaters, all located in Texas, and Picture Show Theatres operates seven theaters, also mostly in Texas. These three exhibitors also have theaters in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio and Washington.



The affiliate agreements cover NCM's pre-show content and advertising package, FirstLook, and may also extend to include promotional platforms in the lobby and concession areas of theaters. NCM's offerings for advertisers include static and digital displays, branded concession items, box-office promotions, sweepstakes, amd giveaways.

Over the last few years, both NCM and its main competitor, Screenvision, have signed up a number of affiliates, augmenting their distribution deals with large theater chains by aggregating smaller chains. Last year, Screenvision expanded its network of movie theater affiliates with the addition of Reading International, a chain of 50 cinemas with 450 screens around the world, including 19 theaters with 207 screens in the United States.

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