Applications + Predictions For Mobile 2010

Microsoft and Google are seeing more CPG, auto and retail companies join travel in mobile advertising. I have heard in the past few months from many sources the search engines are seeing a major uptick in mobile advertising. (Though a little lift from nothing can be considered major.) As we look at search on the desktop and identifying intent to match relevancy in the search, will the phone's core search functions reside in applications rather than the engine? Well, if you ask Google's Marc Freed-Finnegan and Bing's Doug McMillen, who sat next to each other by the way, surprise, said "No."

Predictions From Panelists for Mobile In 2010 1) Standards for post-click tracking. 2) A majority of major brands will use mobile in the marketing mix 3) Greater adoption 4) The year of search will reveal itself as the killer app 5) More targeting and analytics

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