Just An Online Minute... A Robber, A Furry, And A Digital Shop Walk Into A Bar...

Digital DUMBO #10, Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn
October 29, 2009

Before social media channels like blogs and podcasts and microblogs and vodcasts and lifestreams and stop-motion sleep streams coined the phrase "oversharer," I was an oversharer. But people just called me inappropriate then.  The Internet is just one giant Photoshop bloat tool, expanding oversharing to outrageous proportions.  Last night's Digital DUMBO had nothing to do with oversharing, but the end of today's column sure does.

I made my triumphant return to the monthly networking event dedicated to Brooklyn's digital district -- but it was a total failure.  See, Digital DUMBO 10 was declared a costume party.  And, because I am avoiding amateur night in the city altogether, I was excited like my 8-year-old self to slap something clever together and share a few beers with the other costumed.  My idea?  Zombie Hamburger.  You know, I'm a hamburger that eats brains!  My execution: totally whif.  I was in good company, though, as there were only two really noticeable costumes in the bunch.  One was a furry bunny head in a dress.



I'd like to take this time to point out how freaked out I get around rabbits in dresses.

Anyway, I walked into Galapagos Art Space and adjusted my eyeballs.  It's disorienting.  I always think I'm going to fall into the "water," and it's so dark you can barely see your face.  The DD crew strategically placed zombie cupcakes by the door from Kumquat Cupcakery to guide the way.   Cutest cupcakes you'll ever see.  I headed to the bar where I saw Michael Maurillo, a feller I haven't seen in at least two months, and Maury Postal, Director of Consumer Strategy at carrot creative.  Maury was wearing a shirt that said "domino" and had blood streaks on it.  I immediately went into my nerd cave and thought, "why would bloody Lotus Domino be on a T-shirt?"


But then I saw Men's Vogue standing next to digital, which was wielding a knife. Ding-dong, I got it.  Dead mags, digital killed them.  Clever.  Probably not clever to the people who lost their jobs, but if you can't laugh... yeah... anyway!  The killer was Kaitlin Villanova, Director of Account Services at Carrot Creative, and Chris Petescia, also of Carrot, was the hapless victim.  Luke Chatelain and Amy Lam were ducking Katy Kelley's dagger while a blond Julia Roberts as flapper era bank robber mingled nearby.  Andrew Zarick, Co-founder DigitalDUMBO and other-thing doer, was also meandering about in a blood-splashed T-shirt. 

Hanging on the bar tapping away on their phones were Matt Caldecutt of Trylon SMR and Jeneane Chapman, the woman behind the world's fastest nudist.  Gregory Galant, appender of Shorty and 140 to things, was also there, and he recommended (and I will take this recommendation!) the Retro Arcade Museum in Beacon, NY as a nifty road trip. Nerdy fresh!  Later, Galant was giving Toby Daniels costume ideas for Halloween.  Toby "crowdsourced" his ideas, but was displeased at how many people suggested such goonery as "The Fail Whale" and "the Twitter Bird."  I'm all for offensive, so I suggested certain hygiene products.

There was a very brief presentation by Dara Lehon, VP of Communications for the Brooklyn Community Foundation, focusing on getting the tech community involved in the "Brooklyn Challenge," a fundraising campaign helping homeless families in the cruelest season.  All donations under $250 are matched dollar for dollar, so making a difference is bigger than you think.  Turnout was disappointing, a lot of familiar faces were noticeably missing, but getting caught up on everything from babies, to girlfriends, to acting a fool with the core crew that made it was a pleasure, as always.  Keep the support alive, DUMBO-ites, it's your district.

After doing a ghost goodbye, my starving body ordered up some yummy pad thai and a spicy salmon avocado salad, which I ate and then promptly horked up 30 minutes later.   We're at touch and go stage today.  See? Oversharing.

Here's the photos (of the event, not the afterparty in my bathroom)!

Have a safe weekend, and I'm sure I'll see a bunch of you NYCers next week during Ad:Tech!

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  1. Kristin Thompson from RedShift, November 3, 2009 at 1:49 p.m.

    I am an oversharer too. It nice to have the internet to get away with it, no?

    Share on.

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