Video Metrics Unraveled

Is the value of the GRP the key to convince advertisers to jump online in video? A GRP, is a reach and frequency method, a proxy for impact. The strategy breaks down when you try and bake in other metrics, according to Tania Yuki, Director, Product Management, comScore. The metrics needs to start simple, but there are things that companies can measure now, such as the ability to rate the content and track where it's shared. But even reach and frequency aren't simple in the digital space.

Are metrics needed to appease people who can't see the value? "It's necessary as a planning tool, because a lot of clients think about GRPs in terms of TV planning tools and can understand how it works," says Adam Kasper, SVP, Director of Digital Media, Media Contacts, who moderated the panel. "It's most valuable in the front end of the planning process. I don't see it as something that needs to be carried all the way through the process."

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