Goodmail and Turner Take a Swing with Email Video

Mike Rogers, a top executive at Goodmail Systems, began Tuesday speaking about the company’s new product that allows video to be embedded in emails. Due to technical issues with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), marketers have been unable to send emails, where video is automatically streaming once opened.

Goodmail's CertifiedVideo launched in April, and the company has run a test with Turner Sports with a recent PGA event. Turner sent emails alerting people that the tournament had started, and when recipients opened the message, they saw a live feed.

While video is streaming when the email is opened, audio is muted at first. A person needs to click a button to activate it.

With ISPs blocking the video emails, Goodmail has a deal with AOL where it allows its email customers to receive them. The AOL user base accounts for about 15% of the overall email population. Rogers said Goodmail is talking with other ISPs to clear its product.

Video directly in email -- where people don't have to click-through to another site -- is a potential boon for entertainment companies, both as a marketing vehicle and an opportunity to sell ads around the streams. Outside entertainment, companies such as Target and an array of other marketers have used the system for promotional videos about their products and sales.

Rogers, senior vice president of sales for Goodmail, said the company is in talks with NBC Sports about using CertfiedVideo for its coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February.

“The applications in sports are endless, of course,” Rogers said.

But he floated the idea that when a top American skier, say Bode Miller, is about to leave the starting gate, an email alert could be sent with the live feed of his race in the message.

Goodmail is also in talks with MSNBC, where video of high-profile political events would be slotted in messages.

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