Competition Among Handset Manufacturers Good For Consumers

In the mobile marketing space, Turner Broadcasting’s David Bronson said there is important competition among device makers to facilitate mobile video. BlackBerry may have led the way, but now the iPhone and Droid are “raising the bar.”

“There is healthy competition, which I think is really significant,” Turner’s lead engineer said.

Bronson also said there are opportunities for Samsung and Nokia to offer different applications to compete.

At Turner on the content side, Bronson said CNN’s iPhone app has been successful.

Turner also has a multi-layered relationship with the NBA, which is committed to mobile marketing to the point every team has released a mobile app.

And the league has developed tailored applications for the BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid.

Bronson said the NBA has the resources for that, but other marketers may not have the money. So, finding a program that works across all mobile platforms should probably be a focus.

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