Unicast's Roadblock Busting 3D Rich Media Campaign For Cadillac

MSNBC/Cadillac 3D Cube ad

MSNBC.com has tapped Unicast to launch a new ad campaign for Cadillac featuring customized rich media ads combined with a 3D-enabled format on the MSNBC.com home page. The campaign includes a pushdown format, interactive wallpaper, and a custom 3D cube, along with a variety of other interactive features like videos, photo galleries, "360 tours," and real-time color selection for users.

The campaign meets a growing demand among publishers and marketers for more immersive user experiences, according to Caleb Hill, VP of product for Unicast.

"We're seeing increased interest in rich media video advertising from large brands across a variety of categories because the format engages consumers, complements the advertisers' message, aligns with their brand and ultimately delivers positive results," said Hill. "The ads deliver all four of these elements, giving advertisers a platform to explore a variety of creative concepts and elevate their brand."



The tricky part for publishers is finding the right balance between marketers' high-engagement expectations and consumers' desire for a clean, interrupted experience, said Chris Maly, director of digital advertising at MSNBC.com.

"We are constantly looking for the balance between offering innovative and compelling campaign options for our advertising partners, while maintaining a positive browsing experience for our users," Maly admitted. "Our home page is a critical piece of real estate for us."

The online news outlet for the NBC News family, MSNBC.com, features NBC News content and material produced in-house, along with articles and features from various partners, including The Washington Post and Newsweek.

From June 2008 through May 2009, MSNBC.com was reportedly the top news site online, according to Nielsen.

Recently, MSNBC.com has taken various measures to stay one step ahead in a highly competitive marketplace. To facilitate the spread of its video library online, MSNBC.com earlier this month unveiled a new version of its embeddable video player, which allows users to post and distribute clips on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter or via email.

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