TLC: Culinary 'Takedown' Showcases Tailgate Cuisine

Joe Cahn

Tailgate parties are the college sports fans' answer to the traditional cocktail hour. Which are the best ones nationwide? TLC asked the self-proclaimed "commissioner of tailgating" to scout them out.

Starting Jan. 6, Joe Cahn will share his explorations on the six-part series "Tailgate Takedown," which begins in time for the BCS Championship game. In the past several years, Cahn has traveled more than 500,000 miles to 123 colleges to chronicle the best tailgate parties. He also claims to have cooked more than 320 pots of jambalaya.

A tailgate party usually occurs in the parking lot of stadiums and arenas before -- and occasionally after or during -- sporting events. Copious amounts of drink and grilling food are part of the festivities.

For "Tailgate Takedown," Cahn will check out a different college stadium and rivalry game each week. Three competing teams of local tailgaters will battle for supreme cuisine.



Cahn and his celebrity judges will evaluate the taste, creativity, inventive technology and cooking skills of each to determine the winner. The show will also explore local tailgate practices.

"Tailgating food goes way beyond burgers and hot dogs," states Nancy Daniels, senior vice president of programming and development for TLC. "We'll highlight the unique and tasty culinary creations of today's tailgates, while taking in the time-honored tradition outside the grand stadiums of college football."

"Tailgate Takedown" is produced for TLC by Asylum Entertainment.

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