Just An Online Minute... PBR And Plaid - Where Was I For Last Night's Party?

HUSH + Cardigan New York "Broken Resolutions" Party, DUMBO, New York
January 7, 2010

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I attended a little party called Digital DUMBO at a little place called Rebar in a little town called, well, DUMBO. At this party I met an eccentric young fellow, the featured artist of the night, Tim Nolan. A year later Tim has landed as Director of Interactive at HUSH, a "multi-discipline production company" and last night I found myself in DUMBO again, covering a party thrown by HUSH and Cardigan New York, a serious cardigan dealer. The theme was Broken Resolutions, where one such resolution must have been "I will not draw on peoples' walls with permanent marker."

I had no idea Rebar was tucked into the center of a bunch of offices and a mini gallery. Man, if my office was attached to a cozy bar/restaurant I'd be on a TLC special in no time. With me was Josh(ua) Stecker, editor, film producer, dude with many titles, a guy who grew up 'round these parts and is currently in captivity in LA.



I assume that in the world of production, HUSH is no stranger to risk. Perhaps the biggest risk they've ever taken was hosting a booze- and IZZE-fueled party in their actual office. They employed strategic risk management tactics like covering the wall with dry-erase material to encourage controlled graffiti, and covering their big beautiful Macs with painting tarps. Illustrator Tim Haldeen, obviously an out-of-the-box type guy, managed to plop his adorable armless creation below the fold. In permanent marker. On their wall. "I'll paint it over for you!" he offered as a parting gift. 

The room was typical brick-ceilinged, exposed-pipes Brooklyn lofty goodness. Tiny white lights teased twisted red paper ribbons with their heat, threatening to ignite, but just kidding. Buckets of iced-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon's (PBRs for those of you in the frugal know) lined the bar, where the unflappable, plaid-clad bartender delivered drink after drink into the unrelenting flow of hipster hands. 

I made it my mission to find out what resolutions these people were there to break. Eyeballing the crowd, I could tell people "wear less plaid" was one of them. I photo-stalked a couple of ladies first. Ann Wolf, freelance photographer and Caroline Ventura (yes, her husband's nickname is "Ace") were my victims. Caroline doesn't believe in resolutions, since she always breaks them and Ann resolves to work less, make more money, and enjoy life. Josh Stecker gave Ann his card to reconnect later about photo editorial work - which means Ann is now well on her way to breaking her "work less" resolution. 

I also met architect Jeremy Reed, who agrees that architects are better than astronauts in party situations (how many times can you say "the earth looks so small!!"). Jeremy is from D.C., but was in DUMBO last night for the DUMBO Gallery Walk. Jeremy was with pal Manuel Garza, documentary dude with et al. Manuel is from Detroit and he convinced me that he served six years in prison there. Because of my obsession with prison culture, this blew my mind and of course I started speckling him with questions about the food, if he made any friends, did any cool crafts, etc. "Actually, I went to Catholic school," Manuel revealed his analogy. Hmph. 

Around 10 p.m. things started getting a little dicey. The grafitti wall that had begun as ground zero for resolution writing had transformed into a wall of genitals morphing into elephants, hugged by a satanic alien lamenting his work schedule. Before my escape I had to meet a grey-haired gentleman perching on a tarp-covered table. He had a Beatles feel about him. Oddly enough the man in question, Robert Weldon, is from Liverpool. He is one of the directors at Acorn Conceptual Textiles, Ltd. He was hanging out with Vee Lapnarongchai of Derek Lam, a design house I had never heard of, not because they're unknown, but because if I paid more attention to fashion, I wouldn't be able to afford pizza.

After the HUSH party, Josh Stecker and I returned to the subway and boarded the wrong train heading deeper into Brooklyn. I still have no idea how that happened, but you're welcome for the underground tour. We eventually arrived at Union Square and went to check on my artist pal Man Bartlett who is doing a little performance piece called "24-hour Best Non Buy" where, yes, the poor fool is spending 24 hours in Best Buy interacting with products, enjoying their restroom, and eating and drinking only what his visitors bring him. Oh, and he's live-tweeting the whole thing with the hashtag #BestNonBuy if you're curious.

Next Monday I'll be covering the OMMA Agency of The Year Awards! Congratulations to the honorees and, of course, put your best face forward because I will be there photo documenting every clap, slap, and chomp. On Tuesday life wins and I'm heading to see "Hair" on Broadway, which I first saw at Kent State University when I was in college. When that stage filled with naked dancing college students, I knew higher ed was the way to go. On Wednesday the 13th, I'll be covering the book party for Dan Wald's "Ad Asylum," and then on Thursday I hope to cover the prescreening of Tom Brokaw's documentary "Highway 50." Busy busy, but if I didn't do it for you, who would I do it for?

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