Telemundo: Hispanics Aware Of Census Process

As Telemundo counts on this year's census to show growth among the Hispanic population -- which could allow it to attract more advertising dollars -- it has joined with Ipsos on a poll about Hispanics' attitudes toward the counting process.

The Census Bureau is spending heavily on advertising that targets Hispanics, including on Telemundo, seeking to convince the population to fill out forms and participate in the process. Telemundo is also running its own campaign.

There have been suggestions that some Hispanics are suspicious of the information flow in the census process, but the Telemundo-Ipsos poll showed that 84% of Hispanics surveyed indicated that they and their family "intend to be counted."

And 57% indicated they were confident that information collected during census counting will not be shared with other government organizations. Still, 18% of Hispanics have not heard of the census, compared to 11% for the U.S. population at large, the poll showed.

Nonetheless, 81% said they agree it is "their duty" to be counted, while 86% "agree it is important for their community that everyone takes part in it."

The results come from telephone interviews conducted by Ipsos of 530 U.S. Hispanics ages 18 and older from November 19 through January 10.

A separate poll from the market research company for the U.S. population at large was conducted over a period of three days earlier this month.



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