IPhones Get Last.fm Courtesy of Shazam

Shazam RED app

Presto! IPhone users can now access Last.fm, the popular Internet audio emporium owned by the CBS Interact Music Group, via the upgraded versions of the Shazam Encore or Shazam Red apps.

The tweaked versions of the Shazam apps will allow iPhone and iPod Touch owners to use all the main features of Last.fm, including creating their own Internet radio stations based on the shared musical affinities of niche audiences.

To get Last.fm access, users have to download the new version of Shazam Encore or Shazam Red from the Apple iTunes store. In addition to the Last.fm functionality, the new Shazam apps are also introducing related features that allow users to do geographic searches based on their location for local entertainment events, look up tour dates and venues, and find ticket information.



Recently, Shazam has struck deals with ticket vendors and artists giving users priority access to tickets for certain events, as well.

The last couple of years have brought a flurry of new smartphone apps from big online audio sites chasing the demographically desirable audience of smartphone users. In October, Clear Channel Radio added daily video-on-demand service to its IHeartRadio app for iPhones, following high adoption rates among iPhone and BlackBerry users.

In December, CC rolled out a parallel app for smartphones with the new Android mobile operating system distributed by Google. Earlier in 2009, the IHeartRadio app bowed its first exclusive sponsorship, with Fox Broadcasting's takeover of the app site to promote its new show "Glee."

The on-demand music service draws together music and video content from more than 750 Clear Channel Radio stations (200 via the iPhone app) offering users free streaming audio monetized with video, audio and display advertising.

Meanwhile, in October 2009, BBC World Service partnered with Stitcher. com to create a free "Smart Radio" app compatible with the iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm Pre. The free app allows users to listen to BBC audio content streamed on demand and can also customize programming in accordance with user preferences.

Users can download BBC podcasts in categories such as global news, digital planet, global arts and entertainment, regional reports like "Africa Today," and sports and talk programs.

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