Millennial: Mobile Brand Business Soared in 2009

  • February 16, 2010

Trying to back up the assertion in its 2010 forecast that 2009 was indeed the long-awaited Year of Mobile, Millennial Media Wednesday released some additional data based on its ad network business last year. To wit, Millennial's revenue from brand advertisers increased 756% and average deal size increased 353% over 2008.

Millennial didn't provide any actual dollar figures to give more context to the growth rates. Starting from a small base, growth figures often look impressive. But market research firm IDC in December estimated Millennial's gross ad revenue at $35 million in 2009, representing a 12% share of the firm's estimate of a $287 million mobile ad market.

Looking at advertising by smartphone, Millennial found impressions from Apple devices increased 357%, while those on BlackBerry phones went up 90%. Three of the top devices on the ad network were BlackBerry devices. Geographically, impressions outside the U.S. more than doubled (up 117%), primarily because of increased traffic in Europe. So does all that prove 2009 really was the Year of Mobile? No, but no one can stop Millennial from saying so. --Mark Walsh



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