Out to Launch

Drake is a musical machine greased not by oil, but by Sprite. "The Spark" launched globally in four continents and nine countries and uses Drake's song, "Forever." The rapper is unable to find his groove at the recording studio, much to the chagrin of his producers. It's not until Drake sips some Sprite that he comes to life, robotically and lyrically. Viewers peer inside Drake's body, watching Sprite flow through his veins, past speakers and keyboards, giving him a much-needed boost to lay down his track. Watch the ad here. BBH New York created the ad, with visual effects provided by MassMarket.

Jimmy Dean launched a pair of TV spots promoting its breakfast bowls and sandwiches. The sun comes across a rainbow made from only one color in "Rainbow Blue." Our office worker/rainbow skimped on breakfast, leaving her tired and unenergetic. After eating a breakfast sandwich, it's business as usual, meaning rainbow's leprechaun office mate can leave his pot of gold you know where. See it here. "Thunder & Lightning" eat poorly in the next ad, seen here, resulting in one lame storm. The duo then eat properly and get their storm on, resulting in an appearance from rain man, an adorable office mailman shaped like a raindrop. TBWA/Chiat/Day created the campaign.



VERSUS is running a 30- and 60-second spot throughout Olympic hockey games supporting its regular and post-season NHL coverage. The ad emphasizes the importance of regular season games in March, as teams are vying for playoff positions. Dedicated fans mimic player's actions on ice throughout the ad. A player gets shoved into Plexiglas as a friend slams his pal into a storefront window. My favorite scene is a man in dire need of popcorn copying a NHL goalie diving for a puck. He barrels over his friends, spilling popcorn and exposing his belly. That's desire. See the ads here and here, created in-house.

Molson Canadian launched a TV spot during the Olympics to arouse Canadian pride while promoting Molson's updated packaging. Beautiful lakes, forests, mountains and rivers shape Canadians. So does hockey. "Here, we're free to chill out, free to unwind and free to wind up. There's a beer that comes from the same land we let loose on..." "Made from Canada," closes the ad, seen here and created by zig.

Nicorette brings humor to the daunting task of quitting smoking in "Date." The Suckometer is back for a second ad, this time accompanying a woman on a first date. How awkward. The woman's Suckometer drops low, giving her date the impression that dinner isn't going well. Nicorette curbs her cravings and assures the guy that their date is going smoothly, despite the third party... his mother. See the ad here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day.

"Every cigarette you smoke can take years off your life," closes a TV ad for The Canadian Cancer Society Smokers' Helpline. The ad illustrates the long-term effects of smoking.  A young woman lights a cigarette and, as she inhales, viewers' watch as her youth is sucked out of her, turning her into an old, wrinkled woman. Upon exhaling, her younger appearance returns. Watch the ad here, created by DDB Canada, Toronto.

How in the name of Dexter Morgan did I fail to recognize Michael C. Hall as the voiceover in Dodge Charger's Super Bowl ad, "Last Man's Stand?" Two reasons: I didn't like the ad, laden with male stereotypes, and Michael C. Hall wasn't talking about murder, throwing his voice completely out of context for me. That's my story. For the record, MCH can carry my lip balm any day. Watch the Super Bowl ad here. Dodge Charger launched a follow-up to "Last Man's Stand" called "I'm Gone," starring a woman heartbreaker. A woman watches as her boyfriend throws her possessions out a second floor window. Clothes, records, CDs, stuffed animals and laptop are strewn across the lawn. She reaches in to her leather jacket pocket, retrieves the keys to her Dodge Charger and drives off. "We make getaway cars," says the ad, shown here. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the ads.

Indy Tire & Auto Service garages launched a TV spot starring two guys letting out some manly aggressions in the form of doing donuts in a parking lot. Their fun comes to an abrupt end when the pair becomes surrounded by tire smoke. The driver is stunned at his car's appearance, causing his friend to say, "you know, we'll just let it cool down." See it here. Hendrix Rader Wise created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Random iPhone App of the week: But can it clean my clothes? Tide created a free app called "The Tide Stain Brain" which allows consumers to find and share stains solutions. Users can browse the 20 most popular stains, ask questions, connect with other users, and receive on-the-go tips and product recommendations. Digitas created the app, available in the App Store.

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