ABC News Signs Healthline Deal To Add Content And Bundle Ads


ABC News Digital announced Monday a deal with Healthline Networks to provide interactive tools and health information on the network's Web site. The news follows the House Democrats' approval Sunday to overhaul the United States health system, an initiative led by U.S. President Barack Obama.

With health reform top of mind for most U.S. consumers, the enhanced ABC News health site, available at, will provide advanced search technology and content to help people find important information to better manage their health and wellness.

West Shell, chairman and chief executive officer of Healthline Networks, says ABC News Digital now has an opportunity to approach pharmaceutical advertisers with integrated buys for online and television. The ad bundles would offer integrated packages that most publishers talk about, but few rarely deliver.



The online and offline ad bundles would provide custom solutions supported by video ads, banner ads and more. "ABC is committed to making it happen," Shell says. "They want to develop a powerful help destination."

The search tools will allow people to explore symptoms and match them with possible treatment options for conditions and diseases. The doctor search platform allows people to search for physicians in their area or across the United States.

About 41 companies tap into Healthline's search tools, content and advertising -- delivering information to about 90 million people monthly, according to Shell. "Now with ABC News, along with two other companies we're about to announce, we'll have more than 60 million monthly unique visitors to the site -- nearly twice as big as WebMD in terms of reach across the network," he says.

Shell expects Healthline to double revenue this year, similar to 2009.

ABC News Digital's library on the health site will combine resources, reports and videos from ABC News programs, such as "Good Morning America," "World News with Diane Sawyer," and "Good Morning America Health."

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  1. Amy Fanter from Odds On Promotions, March 22, 2010 at 6:59 p.m.

    Are you joking? Probably not. However, I suppose this is
    quite a community servier because when the harsh reality of socialized medicine starts to make its impact ... and believe me it will ... it's going to be a lot like that ad where they guy has the knife and the doctor is telling him over the phone how to do the surgery.

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