Out to Launch

Old Spice wrangled in Terry Crews to portray an odor blocker, similar to that found in Old Spice's Odor Blocker Body Wash. Crews yells loudly about odor-blocking powers in "Flex," comparing the strength of Old Spice to his well-chiseled body. Then his right bicep sprouts an arm and his abs talk. I am not making this up. See it here. In "Zoom," we take a visit to the inner layers of Crews' armpits, a land where B.O. cannot be found. Unlike his counterpart, who rides a horse backwards, Crews sits atop a tiger... in his bathroom. Watch it here. Odor is punched, kicked and slapped away in "Blocker." Crews closes the ad by flexing his pecs. I am impressed. See it here. There's more pec-flexing and punching in another ad, seen here. A man doubts the odor blocking abilities of Old Spice in "Punch," where he learns his lesson, via the long arm of Crews. Lastly, Old Spice can both turn off the "Sun" and create two providers of warmth in the final ad, seen here. So much yelling. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.



"Truth has a taste." And that taste is Toddy, a powdered chocolate milk drink popular in Brazil. Each ad illustrates how the character is really feeling, regardless of how harsh and hurtful. Then, we see each character express a more acceptable public reaction. Following their date, two teenagers discuss the movie they watched in "Cinema." The young man hated his date more than the movie, complaining about the film, having to buy popcorn and leaving without a kiss. Then the light bulb clicks in his head and when asked about the movie, he replies accordingly. See it here. A student arrives late to class, explaining to his "Professor" that he had a fun night with a bevy of blondes, implying that his teacher couldn't relate to the scenario. In reality, the kid admits to oversleeping. Watch it here. A teenage girl belittles her crush for buying her a teddy bear in "Gift." She even rips the bear's head off, before faking her gratitude in take two. "There are things you would love to say and you don't," closes the ad, seen here. StrawberryFrog Brasil created the campaign.

The California Milk Processor Board launched a series of TV ads that take place in "Mootopia," a fictional world where milk constantly flows and residents live seemingly perfect lives. Bring back "Aaron Burr." Two women sip milk from a pond in "Gorgeous Hair." Both begin squinting their eyes because each woman's shiny hair is blinding the other. Looks like everything is not perfect in Mootopia. See the ad here, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Nike launched a viral ad for "Mercurial Vapor Superfly II," a football boot equipped with Nike SENSE adaptive traction technology studs. In layman's terms, studs can extend and retract depending on ground conditions and pressure applied by the wearer. This helps maintain a fast speed regardless of weather conditions. The viral stars FC Barcelona's Zlatan Ibrahimovic as he maneuvers across a mechanical soccer field that challenges his reflexes to an extraordinary degree. He glides past oncoming defenders, as weather and field conditions change. "Rewrite The Rules of Speed," closes the ad following a goal by Zlatan. Watch the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

FairPoint launched its latest "Love Your Bundle" spot. And how could you not love the furry little creature that illustrates the company's bundled phone, Internet and TV offerings. A husband and wife are spending time with "bundle" in their living room, adorned with bowling trophies. Bundle came with a $100 gift card, meaning the couple can buy something they love... like a bowling ball called the Dragon Eye 5000. Watch the ad here, created by VIA.

Newport Beach Film Festival launched two TV, online and theatre ads promoting its April 22-29 festival. "Drama" begins with two kids playing with action figures. Behind them, two boys throw water balloons at each other. Following them are a soldier and gang member shooting at one another. The ad closes with an airborne artillery attack and the tagline, "where stories make it big." See it here. "Romance," set to "Busby Berkeley Dreams," by the Magnetic Fields, starts off innocently and turns risqué fast. Don't expect to see this on TV. A young couple is standing next to one another with pinky fingers interlocked. Each person moves through a series of romantic exchanges that include a woman wearing a mask, women wearing only lingerie and a bridal veil, a cowboy and quite the fetish scene. Watch it here. RPA created the ads and the media buy was handled in-house.

Birkenstock is launching a spring/summer print ad campaign in Redbook, Shape, Yoga Journal, Marie Claire, Ready Made, More, Budget Travel and Men's Journal. Creative promotes the brand's Gizeh sandal, now available in new colors. The ads are colorful and basic, with backgrounds matching the new Gizeh colors. See them here and here, created by Duncan/Channon.


Brunner created an email campaign for Lucky Leaf pie fillings that allows users to throw a virtual pie at friends. In addition to throwing a pie at someone's screen, senders can select one of four recipes to attach: Laura's Blue Ribbon Caramel Apple Pie, Pam's Easy Blueberry Shortbread, Cherry Chocotinis and Why Go Out Strawberry Peanut Butter Pie.


Random iPhone App of the week: AAMCO released iGAAUGE, an app that gives customers access to diagnostic tools and up-to-the-mile maintenance information. The app stores a car's maintenance schedule, troubleshoots car issues, provides traffic updates, locates the nearest gas station, and offers exclusive AAMCO coupons. The diagnostic tool walks drivers through various questions to help identify the cause of dashboard indicator lights and unusual sounds. A traffic finder tool helps identify traffic trouble spots and delays. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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