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Adobe Responds To Jobs' 'Extraordinary Attack'

Just hours after Apple head Steve Jobs released an open letter on Thursday lambasting Adobe and its Flash media player, The Wall Street Journal sat down for an exclusive interview with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. As The Journal noted, "The squabbling between Apple and Adobe has been getting increasingly personal, with Adobe executives and employees angered in particular by Apple's decision to block Adobe software that would allow developers to produce programs in Flash that would then be converted to work on the iPhone."

In response to what The Journal called Jobs' "extraordinary attack," Narayen said the difference between the two companies is that Adobe believes in open content. Its Creative Suite software was designed to work on multiple devices, he said, while Apple's "recent behavior show[s] that they are concerned about Adobe being able" to provide this product that works across multiple platforms. Furthermore, Narayen said Adobe has been "true to the vision" with which it was founded, and to the idea that it should help people deal with multiple operating systems.

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