Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Reach?

Okay, so that was a stretch, but it was the mixed metaphor that Everywell's Rick North used to set up his message during the "showcase" section of the Digital Out-of-Home Media Forum.

North, or course, was talking about the paradox surrounding sales of digital OOH media. When a new network is starting off, he says, marketers complain that they don't have enough reach. When they get enough reach, marketers complain that they're too expensive to buy.

"It's the chicken and the egg," North said, adding that he has finally answered the long-standing question of which one came first: "It is the egg," he declared." Stretching the metaphor precariously further, North equated the egg to audience "reach." He even broke it down further, cracking the shell to equate the white part of the egg to reach, and the yolk to "richness."

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