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Yahoo Deal Gives Zynga Wings

Despite signing a five-year extension to its partnership with Facebook, Zynga just partnered up with Yahoo to feature its games throughout the portal's network. According to TechCrunch, the deal extends Zynga's potential reach by about 600 million users -- not accounting for overlap between Facebook and Yahoo users.

The terms of the deal are still unclear, and Yahoo isn't expected to begin rolling out Zynga's game for at two months. Still, TechCrunch is betting that Zynga's most popular games like Farmville will be featured prominently throughout Yahoo's network, even including its highly-trafficked homepage. Yahoo is saying that the games will be available through multiple properties, including the Yahoo Games portal, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger. Zynga has branched out beyond Facebook before. In February, it integrated its games into MSN Games. Going forward, meanwhile, rumors are circulating that the company will likely launch a dedicated Web portal named Zynga Live.



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