Chicagoland Speedway Wants To Land LeBron James

  • June 3, 2010
Chicagoland Speedway, a property of Daytona, Fla.-based International Speedway Corp., is hoping to be the latest to get LeBron James inked to a major event. Craig Rust, president of Chicagoland Speedway, has written an open letter to James, asking him to attend the 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on July 10 as a special guest.

What will James get in return? Rust writes: "You will be given the honorary title of 'King' of our NASCAR weekend." That means: Chicagoland Speedway becomes "LeBron James Speedway" for the weekend; limited-edition merchandise with the "LeBron James Speedway" logo with proceeds to the charity of James' choice; a painted "LeBron James Speedway" turf logo on the front stretch of the infield and on other signage throughout; and an opportunity for James to address "the great sports fans of Chicago" during pre-race ceremonies.

And Rust says James gets an invite to the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers who are meeting to address all of the competitors prior to the race.

"As a major sports property located in a market rich in sports tradition, it would truly be a great honor for us and all of our fans to have you attend our NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in July," writes Rust. --Karl Greenberg




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