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Hulu Plus Out Of The Box

  • Engadget, Thursday, July 1, 2010 2:03 PM
Engadget gets an early look at Hulu's new premium service, which it says "isn't perfect, but doesn't disappoint either." For one, existing Hulu users should feel right at home navigating Hulu Plus, writes the tech blog. Engadget also assures that the Hulu experience via a Samsung LED LCD TV, iPhone, and iPad "are for the most part done as well as the other Hulu user experiences."

Yet, "The iPad app is the roughest around the edges, with the search screen being down right lame looking, and the iPhone and Samsung app aren't the best we've ever seen either." On the Samsung TV, the biggest issue Engadget ran into were unavailable videos, while trying to view a video in HD crashed a Mac's browser. The team also had a problem adjusting the picture settings on the Samsung when running any of the Internet TV apps, "which was very annoying and prevented us from producing a decent video since it completely washed out the image." Good thing the service is still in beta.



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