IBM Unveils Interactive Display In JFK

IBM-Smarter City



With help from Ogilvy & Mather and Monster Media, IBM is launching an environmentally minded ad campaign on the theme of "Smarter Cities," including a large interactive display at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Installed in American Airlines Terminal 8, the display will be visible to many of the roughly 700,000 airline passengers per month served by American at JFK until the end of the campaign on Sept. 24.


The 96-square-foot digital touchscreen display (measuring eight by 12 feet) promotes IBM's various technological contributions to areas including transportation, energy and utilities, public safety, healthcare, education and economic development. It centers on a white cityscape activated by the motion of passersby, with eye-catching colors and motion drawing attention to its interactive features, accompanied by an audio call to action.


Once viewers becomes engaged with the display, they can explore an experiential program through gesture-triggered activation that exposes them to a variety of audio and video content, including 30 video animations with creative elements developed by Ogilvy & Mather in collaboration with Monster Media.


The unit also features a rotating ticker at the top with statistics about cities (for example, "By 2050, 70% of the world will live in cities"). This part of the display also delivers a text to mobile call to action feature, inviting viewers to text "smarter" to a number which then directs them to continue the interaction by visiting According to Monster Media, the system measures every single touch and interaction on the board as well as duration of time spent with the content.

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  1. Joe Starr from Everywhere Media Actions, July 2, 2010 at 8:22 p.m.

    Remarkable Idea! I am already planning a Joe Starr Project to ensue. This is a major decision and recomendation. Because, as a matter of fact, I am working with new projects including a producer of Brett Michaels, Barbara Streisand, Elton John, America's Got Talent and many others. Thank you. I always felt something was worthwhile about being involved with Mediapost.

  2. Joe Starr from Everywhere Media Actions, July 2, 2010 at 9:30 p.m.

    I need to check this out. I happen to be working on a new project that involves the "Avatar" type of technology. It is still in the works, but this is the possible wave of the future that could catalyst our project. Good Oh IBM.

  3. _ Jr from A2aMEDIA, July 8, 2010 at 11:12 a.m.

    The IBM interactive display is an example of how digital signage is continuing to increase consumer engagement with advertising. While traditional mediums allow for consumer interaction in limited ways, this display provides for several levels of engagement through the touchscreen and associated IBM website. It’s a great example of how digital signage and emerging technology can work together to improve consumer interaction and the ROI of advertising campaigns. For further discussion of digital signage, advertising and related topics follow us @A2aMEDIA.

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