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We're a separate newsletter now! That's right, from now on you'll be receiving Out To Launch in your mailbox every Thursday afternoon, full of the past week's ad campaign, website and promotional launches, as well as sneak peaks into the weeks ahead. This week's installment includes everything from homerun kings, to famous ogres, to Homer Simpson's breakfast. Time to launch!

Reebok will leverage the popularity of the CBS hit series "Survivor," the top-rated television program among women in the U.S., and some of the world's most dynamic and aspirational women to launch the company's most aggressive product and marketing women's initiative in its 22-year history. Reebok's commitment to women launches on the October 11th premiere of "Survivor Africa," when Reebok debuts the first in a series of women-focused ads as part of the company's global brand campaign, Defy Convention. The "It's A Woman's World" advertising initiative marks the first time that Reebok has dedicated an entire advertising budget allocated for a primary U.S. marketing platform to women only. On October 11th, two :30 spots featuring "Survivor II" winner Tina Wesson, fellow castaway Alicia Calaway, and WNBA professional basketball star Jennifer Azzi will debut featuring the 1966 hit song, "It's A Man's World," by James Brown. During the second episode of "Survivor Africa," Grammy nominee Missy Elliott appears in a :60 spot. Thirty-second spots featuring Elliott will run throughout the year. "Survivor II" castaway Elisabeth Filarski will be introduced into Reebok's women's campaign during "Survivor IV."



Keeping things somewhat musical, an interesting blend of sounds and sights will be used in the new advertising campaign from Jiffy Lube International, one of America's top franchises in the automotive care industry. To convey the expertise, commitment, and team orientation of the Jiffy Lube certified technicians, both the radio and television commercials will feature the new tag line, The Well-Oiled Machine, developed by McCarthy Mambro Bertino of Boston. Sheryl Crow was approached to use her hit song, A Change Would Do You Good from her 1998 self-titled album, for the campaign. Crow's song will now be heard on several new radio commercials airing in local markets and nationally as part of network media buy through the end of the year and into 2002.

From crows to ogres, as Blockbuster is building on the box-office success of DreamWorks' animated ogre "Shrek" with phased, multi-level promotions to drive sales and rentals throughout the busy holiday season. The nation's largest movie rental chain will use a pre-sell offer, street date promotions and numerous cross promotions at participating stores to keep the buzz on the hot title throughout the chain's busiest period of the year.

Speaking of hot, nobody has been hotter this year than Barry Bonds. Three seasons after Mark McGwire eclipsed Roger Maris' 37-year old single-season home run record and proclaimed, "I'm Going to Disney World!" the San Francisco Giants outfielder eclipsed McGwire. Bonds became Major League Baseball's new single-season home run champ by hitting No. 71 and No. 72 on Friday evening at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco, eventually finishing the season with 73. Bonds' remarkable achievement has made him the latest superstar athlete to appear in Disney's "What's Next" commercial. For the "What's Next" commercial, Bonds, wife Liz and their children declare together, "We're going to Disney World!" The commercial began airing nationwide Saturday, and Bonds plans to visit Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando with his family in the coming months.

Moving from Florida to Australia, Scott Street Portfolio, importer of premium Australian wines, launched its new website. Internet users now have an easy-to-use resource for researching and purchasing wines from Down Under. The Scott Street Portfolio website allows users to browse and purchase wines by variety or winery, research the various growing regions in Australia, and view digital footage of interviews with the winemakers and other breathtaking images of the Australian wine country. Links to customer support, the Portfolio's background and frequently asked questions are easily accessible, accompanied by an extensive glossary of wine terms, from acidity to yeast. To celebrate the new website launch, Scott Street has created an exclusive limited-release 1999 Shiraz three-bottle package available only to website customers.

Drinking Shiraz is under no circumstances to be flowed by driving in real life, but our next launch does put you behind the wheel, as DaimlerChrysler announced that the Dodge Division is using an innovative and unique print advertising technology to promote the next generation 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck. The double reverse gatefold unit incorporates the front and back of magazine covers. The gatefold opens left to right off the front cover and right to left off the fourth cover, creating an across-the-lap spread that readers will find hard to miss. The new ad, titled, "The New Mayor of Truckville," uses the new Dodge theme line, "Grab Life By The Horns." The ads will appear in the November issues of Time4 Media's Popular Science, Field & Stream and Outdoor Life.

Not a truck person? Find out your true personality as Internet personality test site Emode is re-launching with a few new features. The additions to Emode include a new address book that will make it easier than to share test results, polls, and even horoscopes. Now users can invite one, two, even all the names in your address book to take your favorite tests. Emode is also currently updating their tests, churning out many new ones in the coming months.

Natural Health Trends Corp. have launched a new corporate website. The website has been designed to offer updated investor relations information, including news releases, company vision statement, share and financial information, company products, operating strategies, objectives and quick facts as well as contact information.

Lastly, and this one couldn't be ignored, The Simpsons have their own cereal! Kellogg USA is partnering with Fox Licensing and Merchandising (Fox L&M) to bring America's most colorful family, THE SIMPSONS, to breakfast tables across the country with two limited-edition cereals: Kellogg's Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch and Kellogg's The Simpsons Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal. Kellogg's The Simpsons Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal box (12-ounce box) and Kellogg's Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cereal (12.7-ounce box) are now available nationwide for a limited time at a suggested retail price of $2.49 per box. A Simpson on a cereal box... I never thought I'd see the day.

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