NFL Streams Pre-Season Games


Even as the NFL becomes more popular, its pre-season games seem to become less compelling each summer. But those readying for fantasy drafts still have an interest.

In order to tap into that tech-savvy, zealous segment, the league will make all its pre-season games available on the Web starting in about 10 days.

For $39.99, a subscriber can access all 65 games live on Viewers can choose from multiple feeds, including the broadcast by both the home and away teams. There will also be a chance to view multiple games simultaneously through a mosaic offering, and via picture-in-picture.

Separately, the NFL Network will air all 65 games, but only 10 live. NFL Network live games start Aug. 13 with a Washington-Buffalo match-up.

The NFL has floated the prospect of decreasing the number of pre-season games per team from four to two, since they offer risk of player injury and may no longer be needed as much as in the days before there was so much emphasis on year-round preparation.



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