Retrans Volley: NAB Launches KeepMyTV Site


In an promotional effort to help consumers during sometimes confusing retransmission battles, the National Association of Broadcasters has launched a new Web site:

The site says its "dedicated to empowering viewers to have the best options for their local news, entertainment and community programming."

Keepmytv's overall thrust is to explain to viewers why cable networks and TV stations and cable operators get into business battles, which cause TV programs to be taken off the air during testy negotiations.

Mostly, it pitches a point of view from TV station owners in its often contentious relationships with big cable operators: to pay TV companies.

KeepmyTV's says that though money from cable operators to local TV stations is small, viewers want broadcast TV more than cable. "Of the top 200 prime-time shows, 197 of them are on broadcast TV, not cable."

It also notes there are alternatives for consumers -- including new local digital TV operators that use new digital antennas or finding other programming retailers -- cable, satellite or telco. After that, it recommends writing letters and making sure to become a fan of TV shows through social media sites such a Facebook.



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