AdoTube's New Platform Energizes In-Stream Ad Growth


To help advertisers with their in-stream ad campaigns, video ad network AdoTube on Thursday debuted its in-stream video advertising platform.


The vertically integrated platform -- available as both a self-serve and white-label platform -- connects advertisers with media sources, while providing them with the requisite analytics and campaign management tools.

"By offering a single self-serve platform that eliminates some of the largest barriers for advertisers, we are providing a catalyst for major ad market growth," said Constantine Goltsev, CEO of AdoTube. "Instead of integrating services from five different partners, AdoTube gives you one expertly managed point of entry. This eliminates complexity."

Going up against ScanScout and VideoEgg, the New York-based AdoTube has been building a network of publisher sites for about three years. Its software can be plugged into any flash player or load ads on videos pulled from any source, including YouTube, Daily Motion, and the like.



With the launch, AdoTube aims to expand in-stream ad opportunities by giving users the ability to take advantage of any ad asset on any video player within any publisher or network.

AdoTube's vertically integrated approach pulls together the tools it considers necessary to execute a "complete" in-stream ad campaign. The platform allows advertisers to place their messages on Web content directly within video players.

Among other features, the new platform allows clients to upload existing ads, create new ads, or access AdoTube's creative services for customized ads.

As a white-label solution, the AdoTube platform will enable publishers to offer advertisers a customized ad platform extending across their media properties and network.

To date, the company has raised about $1.2 million in seed funding, most recently securing about $600,000 in mid-2008.


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