O'Brien Keeps TV Simple: 'Conan'


Let the late-night talk-show marketing begin: TBS has figured out a name for the new Conan O'Brien show: "Conan." O'Brien released the name in a quick and funny YouTube video. Sitting at an empty desk in an empty office -- with his vacation-hiatus beard still intact -- O'Brien said: "I've spent millions of dollars, I've had media research companies, uh, we've had thousands of people working around the clock, and we have got it." "Drumroll please. Drrrrr -- sounds likes cat purring --- 'Conan.' Simple. Pure. Like the man himself."

The show, which begins November 8, didn't get the potential buzz and controversy from the Emmy broadcast on Sunday night.

"The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," while nominated for best variety, music or comedy series, lost to Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," which won for the eighth straight year.



Media critics pondered over what O'Brien might say in his acceptance speech about his former employer, NBC, which was televising the award show.

TBS has already started up some marketing campaign in recent months -- alluding to Conan O'Brien coming to a network -- and to the show's Emmy nomination. But the marketing materials never disclosed a name.

At the end of the two-minute video, O'Brien quickly writes the name of the show on a piece of paper, but has a problem with the last letter of his first name. "Actually, this 'n' looks like a 'w"," he says.

O'Brien then rushes off, leaving a shot on the paper, and an announcer in a bold voice saying: "Conaw! Coming to TBS this fall."

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