Integrated Online Campaign: Charity/Non-Profit Organizations: T3; Mobile Loaves and Fishes, "I Am Here"

Mobile Loaves and Fishes, "I Am Here"


Integrated: Charity/Non-Profit Organization: T3

A far cry from the soup kitchen, Mobile Loaves and Fishes in Austin took a decidedly high tech approach to combating homelessness. Combining social networking, a print campaign, outdoor advertising and donations via text message, T3 helped Mobile Loaves and Fishes raise $12,000 within 48 hours. The campaign also resulted in 250 news stories in 32 markets, including CNN, FOX News, MSN, The Huffington Post and USAToday and a 300 percent increase in online donors and 575 percent spike in site traffic. Most importantly, the campaign helped a homeless family get off the street and into a home.

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