Sprint, Ford Partner For 'ControlTV' Web Show

Ford's Fiesta compact car is getting a star turn in a new Web-TV program that looks to be a cross between a 20something reality show and "Subservient Chicken."

The show, "ControlTV," via Web video company Digital Broadcasting Group in collaboration with actor Seth Green, follows a 20something man whose every daily activity is determined by real-time audience vote. Per a release the audience will determine "What he wears and eats, where he works, who he dates."

Both Ford and Sprint Nextel are ad partners. The man will drive the Fiesta in the show and use a Nextel smartphone.

The highlights of each day's action will be edited into a Webisode, concluding with a vote, which will be distributed across the DBG video network. DBG has 2,600 sites in its video network, including Yahoo.com, CNBC.com and People.com.

The network's recent efforts include "Style Series," involving a slate of scripted, documentary, lifestyle and reality programs. The timing and length of each show is determined with input from sponsors. The deal with Ford, Sprint, DBG and the show's creators was brokered by Creative Artists Agency, an entertainment and sports agency.

ControlTV will begin production in Los Angeles in fall 2010.



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