3DTV Elicits High Interest From Gamers, Movie Fans


Challenges exist for 3DTV -- such as those crazy glasses and high costs -- but there is big early interest for the technology among video gamers and heavy moviegoers.

A new study by The Nielsen Company for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, which commissioned the work, said consumers exposed to 3D films -- especially in theme parks where many people are first exposed to this content -- elicit strong overall interest in 3DTV.

But there are limitations, according to the study. For example, 77% of consumers believe 3DTV is better-suited for special events such as movies or sporting events, as opposed to everyday viewing.

Overall, 42% say they had an interest in playing video games in 3D, with 71% of hardcore or regular gamers interested in 3D video games.

Beyond games, the study said the top 3D content for consumers includes sports, movies, and action/adventure programming, as opposed to niche genres such as nature/animal shows, travel, sci-fi and music concerts.



Almost 60% of viewers say 3DTV made them feel like they were "part of the action," and nearly 50% felt it made them more engaged with what they were watching. Nearly half of consumers -- 47% -- said 3DTV would make them watch programs they wouldn't normally watch.

Char Beales, president/CEO, CTAM, stated: "This is providing a deep understanding of how consumers will watch 3DTV, giving the industry a previously unavailable perspective on the marketplace challenges that are unique to television, from content preferences to frustrations with 3D glasses."

Problems for 3DTV remain -- namely the high cost, 68%; wearing the 3D glasses, 57%; and lack of 3D programming, 44%.

Almost 90% felt the 3D glasses would constrain their multitasking activities. More than half mentioned that the glasses are a hassle, cited by 57% of those "not likely" to purchase a 3DTV set. Forty-five percent of consumers were also concerned about discomfort from wearing the glasses.


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  1. Paul Benjou from The Center for Media Management Strategies, September 15, 2010 at 11:16 a.m.

    Contrary to the data sources in this article, 3D is waning among studios as a staple in their production portfolios. 3D flops this year has turned the market skittish as movie goers do not see the value in poor 3D productions. As a result, studios are downplaying the 3D element next year. This will likely spill over into 3D TV as well. The only solid feedback seems to be coming from gamers.
    Paul Benjou

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