Clear Channel Goes 3D in Times Square

Even for eye-catching digital signage, it's hard to stand out in Times Square -- the most sign-heavy locale in the United States and perhaps the world. But this week Clear Channel Spectacolor, which -- true to its name -- specializes in spectacular sign displays, broke through the clutter with what appears to be Times Square's first-ever 3D digital sign, promoting Honda's new CR-Z Sport Hybrid coupe.

According to Clear Channel, the huge 3D ad (which ran Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on a giant digital sign located at 47th Street and Broadway) was intended to provide a totally immersive interaction for the audience by turning Times Square into a virtual test track, sending a digital version of the car racing over the heads of the crowd.

The audience received special 3D eyewear to watch the short film, which appeared as part of Honda's larger "takeover" of Times Square to promote the CR-Z. The digital board projecting the 3D experience also supports mobile messaging and serves as an anchor for place-based marketing programs with Web tie-ins.



Times Square isn't the only concentration of digital signage in the New York metro area, of course. Last year Clear Channel Outdoor began installing digital signs in Westchester under a deal with the municipal government, while Lamar Advertising Co. unveiled a new billboard in the Bronx using low-power digital signage technology developed by Magink. The sign, located at 640 Soundview Ave., allows Lamar to display multiple ads with only a modest amount of electricity.

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