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Q&A With Subway's Franchisee Advertising CMO Tony Pace

  • Brandweek, Monday, September 27, 2010 10:47 AM
Noreen O'Leary chats with Tony Pace, CMO of Subway's Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, about a new campaign featuring Jared training for the ING New York City Marathon, other Subway "famous fans" and the success of the $5 Footlong, which is currently 130 weeks into a promotion that was planned to last only four.

One current promo revolves around Firey Footlongs such as a turkey sub with melted cheese and jalapeno. Talk about consumer choice: Pace says there are more than 2 million variations you can make on that theme, "given the ingredients we have in the restaurant."

As for Jared, Pace points out that, although he seems to be ubiquitous and is used in advertising, PR and social media, he's not the focal point in every promotion. "Some would say we run the risk of being too diffused in messaging," he concedes. "We look at marketing in layers that run in concert with one another. They obviously have different emphasis but build off the essence of Subway, which is fresh and made to order right in front of you."



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