Domino's Spotlights Ingredients Quality

Domino's Eleven months after launching its major product revamp, Domino's is expanding its improved-flavor message to spotlight the natural ingredients used in its pizzas.

The quality emphasis is debuting with ads for Domino's' first new product launch since the revamp, a Wisconsin 6 Cheese variety featuring mozzarella, provolone, feta, cheddar, parmesan and asiago.

The new TV spot shows consumers, who believe that they are in a focus group in a standard office building, expressing suspicion about Domino's willingness to discuss the sources of its ingredients. The walls fall away, revealing that the group is in the midst of a dairy farm.

Filmed in Blanchardville, Wis., the spot "demonstrates that there is only one place that quality Domino's Pizza cheeses truly come from -- America's dairy farms," the chain said. The commercial ends with the tagline for the chain's umbrella reinvention campaign: "Oh Yes We Did."

The commercial is airing on prime-time network programming, including "Law & Order SVU" and "Survivor."

Domino's will expand on the quality theme with a new "Behind the Pizza" microsite, to go live on Oct. 29. The interactive site will feature the "real stories" and behind-the-scenes footage from the farms that help supply 10 of Domino's' ingredients. Users will also be able to play games and earn points toward Domino's rewards, which can be shared with friends.

Spotlighting the cheese ingredient first via the new specialty pizza is no coincidence. Domino's supports America's dairy farmers through a standing partnership with the latter's association, Dairy Management, Inc.

QSRs, in general, and pizza chains, in particular, have come in for more criticism than usual of late, including a "deadliest pizza" list published by The Daily Beast and a "7 Worst Pizzas in America" list on Yahoo by Eat This! Not That! author David Zinczenko.

But Domino's' emphasis on ingredients quality has nothing to do with such negative press, VP, communications Tim McIntyre told In fact, the chain maintains that pizza is not fast food at all, but a "customized, sit-down meal with family or friends," and the new advertising will help convey this, he said.

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