Conan Promotes New Show Via Social Media


The marketing of Conan O'Brien's new TBS show "Conan" moves to new intensive levels -- a 24-hour live behind-the-scenes Web effort on YouTube.  

In a blog on YouTube, O'Brien show producer Aaron Bleyaert says: "The Live Coco Cam" will offer the "weird offices of the brand new 'Conan' show... shoving a camera in the second-floor stairwell of our offices and will be broadcasting all of the behind-the-scenes comedy madness live for 24 hours."

The 24-hour effort started up at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

"Conan" staffers will be tweeting about the events day and night from his Team Coco Twitter account and will be recapping all the events after they happen.

The show, which goes online Nov. 8, has been touted with TBS airing TV style promos -- one had O'Brien spoofing those car-washing girl-in-bikini videos, complete with hard rock music as a backdrop. In the O'Brien version, he can be found washing his desk.



Also, O'Brien has done a number of longer videos via Facebook -- one in particular, where he was making a somewhat over-the-top sandwich to be sent to a fan.

O'Brien and the show have been deep into digital space marketing -- especially during his layover between his NBC and TBS gigs, using Twitter, Tumblr and other viral videos. This was also used to promote his live tour.

Lost Remote reports that O'Brien is asking his Twitter fans to pick the show's first guest. Twitter-stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are among the choices, but offbeat ones include Pope Benedict XVI, the Sultan of Brunei and Jack Nicholson, who hasn't appeared on a talk show since the 1970s.

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