Odwalla Moving To 100% Plant-based Bottles

  • October 20, 2010
Juice, smoothies and food-bar maker Odwalla has announced that it will transition all of the brand's single-serve bottles to plant-based, materials, starting in March 2011. Like its current bottles, these will be 100% recyclable.

The annual CO2 emission reduction resulting from the PlantBottle packaging to be used is estimated to be equivalent to a savings of nearly 400,000 gallons of gas.

Other sustainability initiatives from Coca-Cola Company-owned Odwalla include a Plant A Tree program that has planted more than 300,000 trees over the past three years, and a new energy fuel cell technology at its Dinuba, Calif. plant that will reduce the plant's carbon footprint by 35% while supplying 30% of the plant's energy needs.



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